Wondershare Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Wondershare Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere Pro 2023

Adobe Premiere Pro and Wonderhshare Filmora are both great video editing programs. Both the software have unique features and offerings. They also come with a bundle of attractive features that help you enhance your video editing skills. Here, we will do a detailed comparison between Wondershare Filmora vs Adobe Premiere Pro to find out which out of them is better.

Comparison Between Wondershare Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

We will compare these programs on the basis of interface, video editing features, audio editing features, animation, background music, light & flares, text & titles, etc. Besides this, we will also compare their pricing to find which out of them is more affordable. To let’s deep dive into this comparison between Adobe Premiere Pro vs Filmora: 

Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere, Which Has A Better Interface?

The interface is an important aspect of software programs because the user sees and uses the interface to utilize the functionality of the software. Adobe Premiere Pro’s interface has grown more and more intuitive over several years. It is certainly better than Wondershare Filmora Pro. Filmora Pro has four editing modes – Action Cam, Full Feature, Instant Cutter, and Easy Mode. The modes are useful and designed nicely but are not a match to Adobe Premiere Pro’s intelligent interface. Adobe Premiere’s interface is advanced with many panels each with its unique functionality.

So being a newbie, you will find Adobe Premiere quite easier to use as compared to Wondershare Filmora.

Which Software Offers Better Editing, Premiere Pro Or Filmora?

In this section we will compare the audio editing and video editing features of these programs one-by-one:

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro has many advanced features including RAM Cache playback. It offers a slide, ripple, roll, trim, animation editor, unlimited tracks, insert and overwrite, magnet toggle, markers – in and out, speed controls, value graph, paste attributes, and motion blur. 

Filmora Pro also offers these features but does not offer RAM Cache playback. It compensates the same with its unique Action Cam Tool.

Audio Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro offers Doppler shift, noise reduction, tone adjustments, equalizers, compressor, channel levels, audio reverse, echo, telephone, balance, small room, medium room, large room, cathedral, and pitch. Filmora has all these features except for the Doppler shift. 

Filmora Pro additionally has a special feature of syncing audio automatically. This feature is missing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, both Wondershare Filmora vs Adobe Premiere Pro offers quite great editing features. However, Adobe is a bit ahead as it offers some advanced features that are missing in Filmora.

Which Software Is Better To Create Animations, Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Wondershare Filmora?

Adobe Premiere Pro has many advanced features – Chroma key, Chroma UV Blur, Color Difference Key, Crush Blacks & White Alpha, Demult, Spill Removal, etc. Many of these features are shared with Filmora Pro except for Chroma Key and Light Wrap. However, Filmora Pro offers Alpha Brightness and Contrast which is missing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, as far as Animation is concerned, both programs offer their own set of features. You can go with any of them that best matches your requirements.

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Other Additional Features Offered By Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

There are plenty of other features that you may find with Filmora and Premiere Pro. In this section, we will compare them. 

Background Music 

Adobe Premiere Pro allows for the use of adding background music in real-time. It also offers to edit the audio clips with its built-in Audio Mixer. Filmora Pro, on the other hand, offers 22 built-in songs besides allowing you to add from your system. It also has a built-in audio mixer for audio editing. 

Amazing Promotions

Unlike Adobe, Wondershare keeps providing massive discounts on its products including Wondershare Filmora. All you need to do is to apply our Wondershare coupon code while making the purchase. However, you want find such kind of leverage with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Light & Flares

Adobe Premiere Pro offers some advanced features – glow, light flares, light leaks, light rays, and light streaks. Filmora Pro, on the other hand, offers Anamorphic Lens Flares and Auto Light Flares but does not offer Light Rays and Light Streaks.

Text & Titles

Filmora Pro offers many text templates which look professional. A variety of colors and animations can be added while creating new templates using the Advanced Text Edit option. On the other hand, Adobe Premiere Pro offers various options basis the customization done by the user. Adobe Typekit allows for shadows and strokes to the text beside the common features of colors and animations.

Colour Correction

Adobe Premiere Pro offers advanced color correction options. Colour can be changed using color wheels, sliding scales, linear graphs, and waveforms. Such functionality is not there in Wondershare. Adobe Premiere Pro has the common options for videos – brightness, saturation, contrast, and highlights. Additionally, it has a signature tool called Lumetri Color Panel to further advance the color corrections. Filmora Pro also offers common options for videos along with fisheye correction, stabilization, and noise reduction. 

Stylistic Features

Both the software offers all the stylistics features – cartoon, emboss, find edges, glow darks, leave color, oil painting, photo drama, posterize, solarize, threshold and tint. 


Adobe Premiere Pro offers numerous plugins which are of the third party and are designed to fulfill specific tasks. This makes the software versatile and popular among different categories of users. Adobe Premiere Pro has 38 options for clip-to-clip video transitions. It also has the option of designing new transitions. Filmora Pro, on the other hand, has many inbuilt features – picture-in-picture effects and 100 clip-to-clip transitions. 

Wondershare Vs Adobe, Who Offers Better Support?

Adobe Premiere Pro has official support through chatbox, phones, and online forums. Wondershare Filmora Pro also has online chat support and phone support but the ease of getting in touch with the executive is not there. 

System Requirements To Use Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Wondershare Filmora?

Adobe Premiere Pro requires an updated operating system, advanced processors, large disk space, higher RAM, and advanced graphics. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro requires at least 8GB RAM and an external graphics card. Wondershare Filmora Pro requires at least 4 GB RAM. Wondershare Filmora Pro does not necessarily require an external graphics card.

Wondershare Filmora Vs Adobe Premiere Pro, Which Is More Affordable?

Adobe Premiere Pro has a subscription model and there is a recurring fee of $31.49/ month or $239.88/year. 

On the other hand, Filmora Pro can be purchased for life for $149.99 or subscribed for a year for $89.99. Either way, Filmora makes a great offer. You can also get an amazing discount on Filmora by applying the Wondershare coupon code. So, between Filmora vs Premiere Pro, Filmora provides to be a cheaper option.

Final Verdict: Which Software Should I Opt For?

Here, we did a detailed comparison between Adobe Premiere Pro vs Wondershare Filmora. Adobe Premiere Pro offers high-quality features and is undoubtedly better than Wondershare’s Filmora. But the features of Wondershare Filmora Pro cannot be considered to be of low quality. Given the pricing, Wondershare’s Filmora Pro has impressive offerings. Moreover, Filmora Pro has reasonably well performance with low-end computer systems.


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