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PDFelement Review 2023 – Features, Prices & Alternatives

PDFelement is a software of Wondershare which is used to create and edit PDFs. This is quite versatile and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. In this PDFelement review, we will cover up every concept of this software along with its pricing. Also, we will compare it to some of its top competitors. This detailed analysis of PDFelement will help you to get a detailed overview of this PDF editor. 

About Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare keeps providing amazing software and PDFelement is just another of its products. This application makes it easy for us to put our digital documents in a tidy way. This product is also widely used by people for this purpose and they are getting a mixed up user experience. Wondershare provides a range of multiple utility, creativity, and productitvity software. You can save maximum on these programs with Wondershare Coupon code.

Features Of PDFelement: Wondershare PDFelement Review

PDFelement Features

These are tons of unique features that you may find with this PDF editing software. In the features review of Wondershare PDFelement we will analyze all these features:

Easy To Use

It is very simple to operate this software. You just need to click on the PDF icon button and there’ll be the option of choosing a blank PDF file. There you can start editing or creating PDFs from images or documents. It shows the text in the box which makes it easy to edit. This software also allows you to highlight any specific part of a document. 

Varieties Of Changing Formats 

PDFelement can convert PDFs into any other formats like Word, Excel, Text, PPT, HTML, HWPS, and so on. There on the top of it is the option for more tools where you’ll get the option to convert it in various formats.This will allow you to convert your PDF into any of the formats with a fast converting speed. 

PDF Optimization And Protection

With PDFelement you can compress any PDF in a quick way. Its navigating tools make it easy to get this done. It compresses files in less than a minute without any change of its quality. Its compression quality depends on the number of pages that are included in the PDF. Also, it lets you unlock your PDFs with a secure passcode and it won’t let anyone read them without it.

OCR And Add E-Sign in PDF  

PDFelement provides you with Optical character recognition. It’s a technology that detects any text inside the image like any documents or other sources. After OCR scanning you can get the access to make changes to the scanned images. PDFelement makes it easy to do any official paperwork with the option of e-Sign. It eliminates the process of sending signed documents hard copy.

These are the top features that you will get with this PDF editing software. Now, in this PDFelement review, let’s get an overview of its pricing.

How Much Does PDFelement Cost?

PDFelement provides three plans to users for its purchase, which are

  • PDFelement Standard Version – $6.99 per month
  • PDFelement Pro Version – $9.99 per month
  • PDFelement Pro Yearly Plan – $79.99 per year
  • PDFelement Pro Perpetual – $129 for one time pay

PDFelement Pro is something which provides more advanced features at present time. It is much better than most of the PDF editing software.we will compare this with its other competitive PDF editing software. It’s all about its features which are upgraded in it, briefly it works more faster than before. This software is quite expensive for some users but with Wondershare PDFelement coupon code you can buy it at an affordable cost.

Comparison of PDFelement Pro 8 with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another PDF generating and converting Software. It gives a strong competetion to PDFelement Pro 8 and other PDF creating software also.

Features Comparison 

Both of them acquired most of the same functions but with a few changes.

  •  Just like create PDF of scanned documents and images and fill, sign and send electrically documents in PDF form. 
  • We can attach multiple files and documents in one PDF in them and support them on Windows and Mac devices.
  • With Acrobat we can detect track response of the e-signed PDF while in PDFelement can’t do this operation
  • In Acrobat we can compare two PDF files at once to spot the difference in them but in PDFelement Pro 8 this function is absent.
  • PDFelement sometimes watermarks issues in PDF but this won’t happen with Adobe Acrobat.
  • Both of them have a chance of making your device slow or often crash. 

Price Comparison

PDFelement Pro 8 is $9.99 per month and $129 for its one time purchase. Acrobat Pro DC is about $14.99 per month and $448 worth of its perpetual plan. This clears the doubt of which one of them is the more affordable price. PDFelement Pro 8 allows me to cancel its subscription plan with around $5 of charge whenever I want to, But Acrobat Pro DC won’t allow me to do this.

PDFelement Pros & Cons

Here In the PDFelement Review we’ve to look up for its pros and cons which are mentioned below.


  • It supports almost every device WIndows, Mac and Android too.
  • Easy to share and print right through the software.
  • You can simply merge & split your files.
  • Easy and time saving features to use. 
  • You can remove watermarks just by go to settings.


  • This may get crashed sometimes.
  • You can’t save your edited files often.
  • Slow commenting, it just shows refreshing and makes it hard to edit.
  • You can’t adjust its text size.
  • It takes time to load PDFs sometimes.

Is PDFelement Safe To Download?

It is mostly used by students and without any trouble they’re getting safe & secure results by this PDF editing software.

How Do I Get Rid Of PDFelement Watermarks?

Go to the edit section of your documents, click on edit watermark then just follow the steps to delete these watermarks template.

Conclusion: PDFelement Review

So, here we showed up every side of the PDFelement software and gave a review of PDFelement’s advanced version. Apart from it we compare this PDFelement Pro version with another one of the most usable alternative Software. Also its pros and cons are also mentioned which makes it obvious to choose it wisely. PDFelement is being used by most of the people and some of the cost plans of it, is generally affordable. This also allows users to create and convert offline PDFs which makes it stand out from the other of its alternative software. So you must consider every aspect before buying it or just switch to any other substitute for it.


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