How To Use Wondershare Filmora

How To Use Wondershare Filmora?

For people who are just learning to edit and create videos, or are new to this stream, Wondershare Filmora is considered to be one of the best options. With its easy user interface and exclusive features, it is regarded as the favorite of many editors and creators. 

But if you are at the beginning of your video career, you may have doubts about how to use Wondershare Filmora. After reading this article, I hope that most of your doubts will be cleared.

About Wondershare Filmora

With the trusted name of Wondershare that has provided us with many software for our daily as well as professional needs, Filmora is a widely used software. It supports 4K High definition video making and editing. Some of the best features of Wondershare Filmora are mentioned below:

  • An audio equalizer, which lets you control the audio settings of the sound you have added into your video.
  • Its frame-by-frame preview option helps you to recheck your videos and thus editing is made more efficient and easy. 
  • It comes with support for GIFs that can enhance your video, as well as advanced text editing in case you want to add text to your video. 
  • It supports 4K resolution editing which means that, unlike some other software, the quality of your video is not distorted even after editing. 
  • It comes with in-built pre-sets of color grading which helps you improve the effectiveness of your video.
  • Other exclusive features such as Split screen, Tilt-shift, Speed control, noise removal, Chroma-key, and Video stabilization make it one of the best video editing software. 

We can clearly see a large number of features and why they make Filmora a desirable software. However, a person still might be confused about whether to use it or not. now Wondershare has launched the latest Filmora version on which you can save maximum with Filmora 11 coupon code.

Simple Steps To Use Wondershare Filmora In 2023

The next question that arises is about the usage of Filmora. For all those who have never tried Filmora, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get handy with it. So don’t wait, and start using Filmora, as a free trial is given to the new users if you want to be completely sure about it.

 Procedure Of Using Filmora

  1. Download the software Filmora on your device. You can either get the subscription or start with a free trial. The subscription comes with an exclusive Wondershare Filmora coupon code.
  2. Open the software, the home page appears. In the center, you will see an import button. Click on that button, and choose the video you want to edit from its respective folder. You can also select multiple videos or photos.
  3. If you want, for your own better understanding, you can rename the photos or videos. Now you double-click on the video or photo you want to edit first and it will be visible in big size on the right side of your screen. You can trim the video to the length you desire. 
  4. Now edit all the clips one by one, and then keep dragging them into the timeline that is visible below, according to the sequence you want them in. There are multiple layers and so you can add videos or photos in more than one layer. 
  5. Now you can select the music for the background of your video, by clicking on the Audio button on the top of the window. Then it shows a library of music files from which you can choose. You can choose one or more audio clips, and then trim them in accordance with the video. 
  6. Now click on the Titles button on the top. You will see many Titles, Openers and Lower thirds. You can choose from the given options. You can select multiple Titles and add them according to different timings on the video. 
  7. Then you can add filters to your video, by clicking on the Filter button on the top. There are a number of filters to choose from available in Filmora’s library. 
  8. After this, you can add transitions to your video by clicking on the Transitions button on the top. In regard to transitions, Filmora is one of the best apps because of its variety and availability of transitions. They enhance the look of your video. You can choose different transitions for different clips. 
  9. At last, you can review your video and if you are satisfied with it, you can now export it. You can export your video with different formats, and can even directly upload it on YouTube. You can even decide the settings of your video such as File size, resolution, format, etc. 

So, these are the simple steps of how to use Wondershare Filmora. By using these steps, you can work on any type of project with ease. Though if you still have any confusion then it is better to look for any of the Filmora alternatives.

Why Use Filmora?

The reasons why you should go for Filmora are mentioned below-

  1. Features– It comes with a wide range of features that not all video editing software have in them. 
  2. Customer support- The dedicated team of Filmora customer support is ready to help the customers 24×7 pertaining to any query regarding its usage. 
  3. Price- Using Filmora is quite budget-friendly as it comes with a one-time fee of $39.99, after which you can use it for a long period without having to pay again. You can also apply Wondershare coupon code to get it at a very low price.
  4. Ease of use- Filmora is very easy to use software because of its user-friendly interface. It can be used by professionals as well as beginners as it comprises all the features and ease of access that both types of users would require.


Thus, Filmora is a very dynamic application that lets you have complete control over your video and its editing. Here, we told you about the method that you need to follow to use this software. You can transform your normal videos into amazing clips. Moreover, the Filmora app is quite easy and much fun to use. So go get your free trial or purchase this software using the Filmora X coupon code to make maximum savings on this software.

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